PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2015 Bridal Issue - Page 99

Jennifer Nari Lee Estrada and Matthew Alexander Raabus Year We Met: 2012 We met at a city bar when my girlfriends left me for some sleazy guys. His doctor friend was trying to pick me up but he saw I was uncomfortable with his, “I’m not really this tall I’m wearing lifts in my shoes”, pick up line so he stepped in and made me laugh all night. We found a common interest as I was working in the Fashion Industry here in Australia and he moved up from his small country town (Fern Tree, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia) to Melbourne, Australia to become a Fashion photographer. He and I became close friends very quickly lasted 9 months) and protected and watched over me while he helped me get over my break up phase. Ultimately I asked him out on a date at a fancy French restaurant and he then told me that he had been in love with me for the past year. We have been together ever since. #plusmodelmag relationship to bombshell (because it was already going there, only 04.15 at the time and he never faltered, he was patient and waiting for my inspiration + style because he was always there for me and understood me. I had a partner