PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2015 Bridal Issue - Page 98

Krystle Dullas and Nicholas Hill Year We Met: 2013 I would have never thought that I would find the love of my life online. I had been single for five years before I met Nick, and I was accepting the fact that a long-term relationship may not be in my cards. Accepting my fate (or so I thought) I had messaged him on a site that I had been a part of since 2008. We had a brief chat a couple of times online, and he gave me his phone number. After a few days of talking on the phone we had ironed out the details for our first date. I was so excited! The week of our first date, I had met up with friends and was having a lousy time. I sent him a couple of texts expressing how bad of a time I was having and asked if I could head over to his place and hang out. After a little bit of convincing, I was at his front door. I was a bit nervous, but he let me in and we talked until four in the morning. Our first date was two days later and we have been together ever since. Shortly after a year of dating, we moved in together and recently shared our two year anniversary. I have never cared about another human being the way I care about Nick. He is always there for me and has been so supportive of me in everything I do. I love him so much and look forward to many, many years with him.