PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2015 Bridal Issue - Page 25

PMM [readers] We Love to Hear from You! Tell us what you think of your magazine, what you love, what you like and what you want to see in future issues Sabrina Morgan Lee / Lovely ladies and awesome clothes. I’m a large women and am glad there are nice clothes for us now... Kewerae / Love PLUS Model Mag! @ashleywesttt @cateri_maria @_simplyamazingx3 @porshalaw are some of the most gorgeous women I know - Stunning! itscrystalnicole / Loveeeeee the cover!! @ iadoremo is gorgeous vickay_vee / Thank you for making a mag for plus size women to feel comfortable in their own skin! I feel comfortable in mine. #PowerToThePlusSize/ThickChicks Sasha Vinas / The expose on Ashley Stewart was so insightful. I was wondering how they went from bankruptcy to this big come-back on the cover of PMM. Good for them! evolveyourimage / Loving the cover! Cat Meyers / Ashley Stewart is one of my favorite brands. The price point is JUST RIGHT! Virginia Frank / Seeing women that look like me was such a thrill. We never get to see real bodies unless it’s a ‘before’ picture. PMM made them ‘after’ pictures. I love this, thank you! Ashley Gordon / Plus size bloggers are my daily inspiration to help me feel good about myself. I wsh more brands would use real plus size bodies and models. I would shop freely and without fear about fit. Karla E Lemus LLOOOOOOVE PMM! I keep finding such awesome clothes thanks to you... when I thought I couldn’t find any, here you are! Share what’s on your mind || ||