PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE April 2015 Bridal Issue - Page 104

Vicky V. I was working regularly for a small designer with a verbal promise that as she grew, I would be compensated. Well fast-forward three years later, and she stops booking me and starts using agency models. I feel very used and I’m very jaded by the experience. Maddy: I’m sorry this was your experience with this small business owner. Unfortunately, without a written contract there is not much you can do. Although not all people will do the same, I suggest you work with a contract even when you are working for a client for free. Just because you are working on building your skills or working for exposure, you are expected to be a professional. I would insist on a contract and limit the amount of time you work for free as well. inspiration + style I was approached by an agency in NYC and they will not sign me unless I move to #plusmodelmag have worked with various clients, then I could see the agency asking you to move. 04.15 Mindy W are a big agency and they want you, then it’s up to you to make the move and take NYC. I currently reside in Oklahoma. Maddy: If you are an experienced model with hours of work under your belt and For a newbie to move her life without having a single job is a big risk, unless you happen to be independently wealthy and feel that you can handle moving to the big apple. I would consider looking into the agency to see how legit they are. If they this risk. Just make sure that the agency is LEGIT!