Plumbing Africa August 2018 - Page 75

Biological risks such as pathogens or mould spores can be extremely dangerous. KNOW THE LAW Section 8 of the OHS Act says that employers need to consider all aspects of their scope of works and ensure that their staff as well as others are in a safe environment. Section 14 places the onus on the employee by promoting an individual commitment to health and safety as well as the encouragement to ensure the safety of others. The key issue of why compliance is lacking is simple: enforcement! Due to various factors, many do not regard health and safety management compliance as a key factor in their business. As plumbers, you form an integral part of everyone’s daily lives; thus, keeping yourselves as well as your employees free from risks at the workplace should be a complementing influence. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH 73 Working on and in roofs is a widespread practice for plumbers and the correct fall protection is essential. Attention to health and safety is not just about being socially responsible — it also makes good business sense. Essentially, any plumbing company should strive to ensure absence of risk to safety and health of employees and others’ as far as is reasonably practicable. Increasing employees’ awareness of health and safety as well as introducing a good safety culture system through a thorough and efficient safety system, where management plays a key role in the development and the delivery of a responsible health and safety plan, is the key to successful safety management. When it comes to health and safety, there should always be a clear goal. PA About the author Chris Coetzee is a director of OHSS Consulting. He is an occupational health and safety practitioner, a SAIOSH member, as well as an IOPSA corporate member, who specialises in the full understanding and development of health and safety systems. August 2018 Volume 24 I Number 6