Plumbing Africa August 2018 - Page 73

FEATURES that defines target audience, positioning of your brand, a targeting strategy around products suited to the audience, competitor understanding, and defining your unique proposition as a brand or company and communicating that. It is the challenge of marketing brands and products, no matter the industry or the company, that got me to where I am today.” Predominantly, Galliver’s career has been spent in the industrial marketing segment, moving from board and laminates to cement, after which she joined the plumbing sector as the marketing director of Cobra, and then moved across to the group company of Dawn Limited, where she has been in various divisions until her current role. Galliver adds: “I think the biggest challenge in an industrial marketing environment is always how much money should be spent on marketing. It doesn’t usually get the same budgets as what an FMCG environment attracts. Yet the companies who invest at this level, certainly see the returns of investing and building their brands through to the end consumer. In our company, being a master distributor for numerous 71 brands, some of which we own and some of which we simply distribute, it becomes that much more complex. Our own brands, we build to the end consumer level; while with our master distributor brands, we only market to the B2B customer, as it is the brand owner’s responsibility to build the brand at consumer level.” This adds an intricacy to their marketing efforts, which is not a normal challenge in companies who simply market and sell their brand and products. “I would like to see women taking on all types of jobs in the construction industry. I believe women have the ability to multitask better than their male counterparts; likewise, their decision-making criteria is usually unemotional (even though women are seen to be the more emotional of the two sexes) and women are largely logical beings. The construction industry is no longer about brawn, but rather about brain. And a clever woman can do and be anything nowadays,” concludes Galliver. PA References post/2017/10/10/5-Great-Women-in-Construction-History August 2018 Volume 24 I Number 6