Plumbing Africa August 2018 - Page 72

Jacky Rossouw, sales director at Lecico SA. Shelley Galliver is the group marketing director for Wholesale Housing Supplies. CHALLENGES AND BARRIERS Looking at challenges and hurdles she had to overcome, she says that since the industry is male dominated, men normally tend to trust the opinions of another man more than they would a woman. However, she thinks that women are constantly empowering themselves and standing their ground. “Starting as an office temp 15 years ago, in comparison to where I find myself today, is practically unbelievable. I have been awarded the opportunity to grow in all departments of the business, and I am still being mentored from the managing director to facilitate my growth in the business. “Knowledge is power! To be good at what one does without compromising your femininity you have to be steadfast in your approach. Women are proving that they can add value and make decisions confidently. Plenty of persistence and hard work pays off and we should see more women in senior positions in the industry,” says Rossouw. TEAM MEMBER Shelley Galliver, the group marketing director for Wholesale Housing Supplies under which she oversees August 2018 Volume 24 I Number 6 the marketing for the divisions of Saffer, WHD, Stability, and Dawn Logistics, says: “I am all for equality in the workplace and part of that equality is about not being seen as a woman in a man’s industry. I prefer to just be seen as a team member, who adds value within my area of expertise; therefore, it is not at all about whether I am female or male, but rather about the work I do and the value I add.” Galliver adds: “Having worked in ‘male dominated’ sectors throughout my career, it has been a norm for me, and I have never felt that it was a challenge to be recognised for my contributions. If I don’t make a difference every day I go to work, I shouldn’t bother going. I hope that over time I leave a trail of success stories behind me and I certainly have moments that I see as highlights in my career; but every day is about trying to improve and grow; and add value to the organisation.” Galliver says her passion is marketing. “Most people do not really understand what marketing is and think it is about designing pretty artwork. But the most exciting and challenging part of marketing is the strategy behind the output. The ‘pretty artwork’ is only the outcome of a strategy FEATURES 70