Plumbing Africa August 2018 - Page 61

PROJECT 59 By Mofenyi Maimela, wet services engineer at WSP DESIGN CRITERIA Although not as glamourous as other building services, wet services forms an intricate part of the office environment. As South Africa barrels down to an increasingly water-scarce region, WSP was to ensure that minimal water is wasted. Moreover, where it was achievable, WSP had to design systems that would capture rain and groundwater to be re-used. Emira shared the same sentiments and together with WSP Sustainability Consultants, looked for ways to not only save water but also use it as efficiently as possible. WSP Africa was entrusted to design its new offices in Knightsbridge Office Park, situated in the redevelopment of Bryanston. The design was to comply with latest regulations and contribute to a 4-Star Green Star GBCSA-rated park. Knightsbridge Office Park is a multi-tenant office park that was divided into three phases of design and construction. WSP Africa is privileged to be a tenant for one of the three buildings in Phase 1. The wet services system comprises the internal plumbing and drainage system for the office ablutions of all three buildings and HVAC condensate drainage. Emira required a three-day storage capacity for the potable water that would serve Phase 1 offices from a domestic storage plant. Furthermore, Emira required no hot water in ablutions; instead, as a compromise, to provide a cyclist facility with showers, to serve the entire office park’s tenants. WSP is a global business providing consulting in the engineering and built environment and this state-of- the-art office park would be the base for WSP’s Africa operations. Emira appointed WSP’s multidisciplinary team for the project feasibility, strategic planning, concept development, detailed design, and construction monitoring for the 30 000m 2 green office park. WATER HARVESTING Although WSP explored the possibility of water harvesting with V֗&FRFff7VGv2FG&GV6R6W&FRBFFFFW&PvVB&RFV&Rr77FVv6vVBfR&VVFff7V@F6&FFRW7V6ǒvFFRv7FRB6vFW"6W&F&VfW"FW7B&VwVF27FVFRFBVf&VF7@76W76VBTvVB&R&WV&VB2vV2&fg&6V6f"FW6R77FV22f&R6&֗6RFRFV6WGFVBf"&vFW"'fW7Fr77FVFBvVB6W'fRFR&( 2'&vFFRG66W"vVBFVW6RBƖfRFBv2&VGFP&"'&rFvVW2G2FB&WV&RƗGFRvFW"FR&6FV7G2BG66R&6FV7G2&vW'Fࢲ'FW'2BFRv&FVW'2&W7V7FfVǒWW&66V@FV"W7FWF2W66RF'&rFW&vF6WFg&6F7FRFVvFR&GbFR67&WFR6'2vW&R67G'V7FVBFW&Pv2FVF6FVBB&f"FR&vFW"'fW7FrB6RbFP7FF`FR6BvFW B6FVVBvRcwwrV&vg&66VwW7B#fVR#BV&W"