Plumbing Africa August 2018 - Page 4

Contents A UGUS T 2018 Volume 24 page I N umbe r 6 58 News 5 7 HomeFixer App launched Thermoplastics welders face a bright future African Energy 8 11 13 13 Partnering to accelerate energy to Uganda Zambia to receive USD11.75m for Ngonye solar project Angola takes lead in hydropower plant capacity Tanzania to forge ahead with Stiegler’s Gorge energy project Associations 79 page Blockword competition Brush up on some rusty knowledge or train your staff and managers and win! 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 23 Sensible driving Training on JBCC building contracts IOPSA PLUMBDRAIN Africa workshops Fire safety awareness Different CPD points for different levels of plumbers CPD questionnaire Complete your solar water hea Fr77FV2'FfƖƖPV&rvb6PWfVG2BW&F0#`3T$E$g&6#( 2N( 26wFPT$E$g&6#f"'W6W72BG&pN( 2B6Ɩ6FV@N( 2FV66g&G&V6FFFǒW&G&vR6FF6F'v&R'&77v&RBRv&33BCR7G&FVvW2f"'W6W72w&wFFVF6FVBV&rFWfVVB6VG&RW6'W&pWFVVB6W'f6RV6V@Vf&VBBVW&wC0V6rv7FWvFW"6V7FG&VFVB'B"VFB6FFगN( 26RFf6BW2ƖSwwrV&vg&66C`S0W6VB&vFW"G&VFVBF2'B"rvVBR&FRu4&V7G3FW6vFV""V&W FƲFW3f"6W2VFF&B7V'67&F3VâV&tFW&7FVF6FVâ#rSsCCGvGFW#V&vƖRf6V&V&tƖPSp6R6VCVwW7B#fVR#BV&W"