Plumbing Africa August 2018 - Page 38

36 BUSINESS AND TRAINING Student plumber on site. learners. Without the support of Geberit South Africa and Geberit International, Marley and Friatec, this would not have been possible,” says De Fine. At Umphakathi Development and Training, the focus is on plumber training in the following fields: • HDPE drainage, soil, and vent; rainwater and stormwater applications • Water supply systems, multilayer, stainless steel • High-pressure HDPE water installations for bulk services and infrastructure. “We are grateful for the support and continued commitment of suppliers and manufacturers — from speciality training and certification in Germany and Switzerland, to the supply of products, technical know-how, financial assistance, and the sponsorship of “Our training is specialised due to the fact that the installation of these pipes is highly complex; and therefore, accurate training is vital. However, transferring a speciality skill without any other skills is rather pointless. In order to ensure successful and sustainable future businesses, the learners need to acquire all the skills needed in order to run a successful business,” says De Fine. Photographed at the open day of the Umphakathi Training Development centre is, from left: Zoran Kuruzovic (Umphakathi), Tanika Kennedy (Umphakathi), Gregg Phillips (Independent Plant Hire), Walter Freitas (Geberit), and Jan Klopstra (Geberit). Umphakathi Development and Training De Fine continues that with hundreds of students attending various courses ranging from new venture creation, hospitality and events, to artisan training in the construction industry, and now plumbing speciality training at Skills Village 2030, they are able to use these facilities as required, therefore providing additional classrooms, risk management, a lecture hall, catering, and much more. August 2018 Volume 24 I Number 6 Explaining the training process, he says there are three types of students: 1. Existing businesses send their employees for upskilling. 2. As part of other related skills programmes, at Skills Village 2030, the centre runs an introductory and basic practical course in the speciality fields. 3. Through the NPO, the opportunity of plumbing as a career is promoted. This is done at shows or events aimed at attracting the best school leavers or unemployed youth to embark on a career in their industry.