Plenty Sport : EZINE 27 Walking Football - Page 6

ISSUE № 27, DEC 2017 4 Walking Football Testimonials Once Glenn Milne retired from active duty from the Police force he im- mediately got involved in coordinating adult fitness in his area. It was on assignment that he was introduced to the sport and was immediately hooked and continues to play Walking Football ever since. Glen currently plays for the Midlothian Football Team. His aspirations for the sport in- clude more competitions for the sport, once it can maintain fun in the bal- ance and be used to further promote mental health and ageing well ben- efits. With the sport already acknowledged as being great exercise for those who have lost the ability to play the game at high speeds, many community centres in Scotland con- duct games for over 50s as an ageing well activity. Police Constable Marvin Small who was one of the participants in the T&T invitational Walking Foot- ball event was quick to share on the potential of the sport. “Apart from being a great concept to apply for coaching purposes, tournaments should be introduced in Trinidad and Tobago for both adults and children alike”. He further added that the sport takes a lot of concentration and could assist in de- veloping discipline. The potential for the sport shows plenty promise and for those interested, do feel free to contact Plenty Sport