Play Channel Magazine Volume 3 - Page 9

Actress, Producer, Entrepreneur

What is your name? Benita Arceneaux

What is the name of your company? Nita Productions

Where is your home office located? O’Fallon, IL

Why did you want to start your company? To produce media and make the vision of others come to life.

What sector do you serve? All…Business, personal, reaching out, etc.

How long have you been in business? 3 years. The company began in 2011 as ThNita Productions, and has recently been changed to Nita Productions, LLC.

How did you start your business? With a Flip Video Camera purchased with American Express reward points, and a desire to help others.

Does your company serve in the community? Yes, occasionally.

How important is mentorship to you? Very important. Mentors help guild and lead. Encouragement is one of the best things a mentor can give.

Who are your clients? Small businesses, individual achievers such as authors, speakers, performers, sports teams, etc.

What is your definition of worship? Giving honor to God both in song and in prayer.

How do you market your clients? Via various Social Media platforms, and via networking.

How do you define the role of a mother? A life giver, nurturer, protector, provider of children.

Who are some of your favorite women in the bible? Ruth, Esther, Mary

by Benita Arceneaux

edited by Keith Baker