Play Channel Magazine Volume 3 - Page 40

AVADEWORLD is a nonprofit foundation. Our mission is to provide resources to St Louis Public Schools. Primarily but not limited to uniforms, shoes, warms-ups and transportation for the Boys and Girls Basketball and Track teams. We will also establish city wide Basketball and Track Championships, an end of the year sports award banquet, a letterman jacket program and a summer senior class seminar for financial aid completion and SAT/ACT test scheduling.

The ultimate goal is to get students interested in education through sports. Sports encourages a healthy lifestyle through its athletics, promotes sportsmanship and requires the student to maintain acceptable academic levels. When a child feels that they look good, they began to feel good about themselves and therefore will do well in school. With your assistance, AVADEWORLD will provide the resources needed to get our students interested in school as an alternative to being a delinquent in our city streets.