Play Channel Magazine Volume 3 - Page 31

attention of network executives, to do something a little different.

NM: Joe, can you tell us what inspired the concept and the whole project?

Joe McGettigan: The driving force behind this has been Bryan. It’s something he’s really been passionate about, and when he asked me to help out…We had so much success on Hercules the Brave and the Bold and To Inflict, I wanted to be a part of it. Promoting good will, understanding of others, and the faith-driven aspects, I wanted to jump on it immediately.

NM: Who else is in the production company? What is its name?

BK: Brayden Patterson Productions, in co-production with BK Studios, which is a name I’ve used since I was 16. I did about 60 phantom Star Trek episodes when I was 16 to 18, and I really picked up a liking for production outside of just acting and theater, which I had done since I was about 8. Brayden Patterson Productions is an LLC in Missouri, and its first production was To Inflict, a short film. It houses no employees, everyone is on a contractor type basis, and we’re here to bring together the St. Louis film and acting community.

JM: The show is a high school setting. Some of the locations we are using are apartments, cafés, places you would see high school students, parents, roommates. A good variety of locations. We were able to use First Baptist Church of Arnold, and they gave us the use of practice studios, a café setting, principal’s office, and hallways.

BK: We also usedThe Triumph Grill, next to the Fox Theater, Café Pintxos, all sorts of different settings.

BK: The name of the school is East Valley Academy, and we can credit you (gestures to NM). We were going to call it East Valley High, a name that came from Joe, but Neil suggested we needed to make this more of a private academy based on some of the ethics and rules portrayed throughout the script.