Play Channel Magazine Volume 3 - Page 28

BB King is one oif the al time greatest perforers in the world. As a blues artist he has wowed many stages in many cities worldwide. With so mnay performances you have to expect one or two will go baldy but how do the The King OF Blues handles it....He apologizes. BB King performed in St. Louis at Peabody Opera House on April 4th but it was all but stellar. We know he is in he 80's with health problems and add the fact that he took a long bus ride (24-hour/1,600 mile bus trip to Saint Louis from his home in Las Vegas) that would tire any one out.

To complicate matters further, Mr. King (who is 88 years old) suffers from diabetes -- and he mistakenly missed a dose of his prescribed medication on the show day. Add the travels of the very long drive and high blood sugar due to his medication error resulted ended in a performance thatis not up the the usual BB king exellence of performance. Even though things didn't turn out the best anytime someone of his age is still able to get up there and do what he do...You have to love it.

B.B. King apologizes

by keith baker