Play Channel Magazine Volume 3 - Page 13

Edge of Tomorrow

There is one thing I can say about Tom Cruise, when it comes to action he is the man. In this Sci-Fi action flick Tom Cruise plays Lt. Col. Bill Cage and his sole mission is to die, day after day after day. Ok that’s not the sole mission he has to kill aliens as well but it is set around his last day of battle. Cruise do a ground hog type time loop and relieves the last battle he had as a soldier but gets better at killing each time he loops. Also starring Emily Blunt, Lara Pulver, Jeremy Piven, Bill Paxton, Charlotte Riley and a host of others. Due out by June 6

Marvel has done it again with this crazy off the wall type movie. Cast range from a squirrel to a tree man to a guy with an over inflated ego problem. due date august 1

Guardians of the Galaxy