Play Channel Magazine Volume 3 - Page 30

As an actor, I have met and worked with a lot of people, but these guys are among the best. I am sitting with Bryan Kreutz and Joe McGettigan, the producers of Up On High Ground, a television pilot currently filming in the St. Louis area. With us also are Erin Morris and Matthew Becker, two of the young actors on the project. And I get to play Mr. Rowley, the science teacher.

Neil McDonald: Bryan, what is Up On High Ground (UOHG)?

Bryan Kreutz: UOHG is a television pilot, and we have tried to combine multiple religions into the production to stand out and aside from other pilots that will be submitted to other networks. So we’re trying to go against the grain to grab the

Lights, camera and action. On the set with the producers of

Up on High Ground

by Neil McDonald