Planner Junkie Issue 2 October - Page 8

8 Planner Junkie / October, 2016

Each month actually begins on the back of the last page of the prior month. There are three months of mini-calendars (prior month, current month, next month) and a place to record your goals, birthdays and important dates for the month, as well as a space to record what you’re grateful for. Each month has a tabbed divider page with a picture or decoration and quote. On the 2-page spread made up of the back of the tabbed page and the next page there is the monthly spread with a lined section for notes on the left. Next are the weekly sections. These are color-coordinated with the monthly tabs. They are made up of three vertical boxes for each day, a mini-calendar of the entire current month, and a notes section. There are either decorative designs or quotes on the bottoms of the pages. At the end is an extra notes page, this time a full page.

How I Use My Happy Planner™

I use this as my combined planner for home and business. I keep all of my appointments and to do lists in it, decorate it with planner stickers each week, and even add the occasional grocery list if I think of things when I’m just making a quick stop. (I keep my full list in my phone.)

I write reminder notes so I don’t forget what I have coming up next for this magazine, write in my goal for each day, make notes about what went well and what didn’t. There are doodles and pictures in many of the unused squares during the week.

I’ve also just recently started keeping lists of things like books I want to read and books I’ve read in it, and have a laminated sheet of my morning routine.