Planner Junkie Issue 2 October - Page 5

I purchased the Classic in Picture Quote, and love it. The quote on the front, “Follow Your Heart” spoke to me since that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do at this point in my life, and the beautiful photograph of daisies appealed to me because they are one of my favorite flowers. It was actually difficult to choose between this one and the Peony cover, because I also love them.

Things I Like About The Happy Planner™ and what’s inside

The cover is laminated, so if you’re not looking to spend $50-100 for a planner with a leather cover or something similar, this is a great choice. It is sturdier than the many planners with covers that are basically thick cardstock. While I enjoy all planners, having something that I can shove unceremoniously in my work bag and have it come out looking just fine is a definite bonus.

The pull-out pages are a wonder. I’ve always been a big fan of binders because of their versatility and flexibility, I have not been a fan of having pages tear out. Yes, I’ve used sheet protectors at times, but most of them tend to stick out farther than the dividers so the tabs don’t actually show. With pull-out pages I can add and subtract things as needed. I can keep it as-is with the entire year in, or use just part of the year at a time and use the extra room for other things. Plus, if I’m writing on the left-hand page in a binder or notebook, the rings get in my way and there’s always that awkward part when you get all the way to the right of the page. With pull-out pages, I can do just that – pull out the left-hand page so I can write on it, then put it back in when I’m through.

The inside front cover also has a quote, “Today is a Brand New Day,” which I also find inspiring, and the blue sky with clouds background matches it well.

There is a title page with space to write in my name, followed by a 2-year calendar on a 2-page spread. Then there are the monthly sections

Planner Junkie / October, 2016 5

Photos by Lara Johnson