Planner Junkie Issue 2 October - Page 4

4 Planner Junkie / October, 2016


a review by Lara Johnson

I’ve purchased a few different planners over the past months, and I’ll be doing a series of reviews of them here, beginning with The Happy Planner™.

The Happy Planner™ is produced by a company called “Me and My Big Ideas.” It is run by Terri Gick and Stephanie Fleming, a mother-daughter team. Starting out as a company that sold scrapbooking stickers, they soon became one of the top names in planners. It comes in a variety of styles and colors, and there are different types of planners for different purposes depending on what your focus is. There are also more accessories than even I can find places for, which is saying something!

My obsession with planners, which eventually led to the creation of this magazine, took me first to Instagram and Periscope, and then out onto the web in search of great planners and ideas. The Happy Planner™ was one of the very first to catch my eye. There are so many cover choices that picking one was only my first hurdle. I also had to decide what kind I wanted, if I wanted to buy a kit or just a planner, and what accessories were needed most.

I chose a fairly simple planner to start with, and have added my own style to it, but there are tons of choices. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can personalize.

Planners and Kits

There are currently 7 kits available on the MAMBI website, although not all are in stock currently. You can choose from any of the following:

• The Faith Edition

• Be Happy

• Fitness Edition

• 2017 Seasonal ( out of stock)

• Best Year Ever

• Best Year Ever/Stripes

• Get Fit Planner

• Best Days

As for Planners (not in kits), there are even more choices. The following are 18-month planners except where indicated.

• Classic Rose Gold Horizontal (12 mo.)

• Get Fit Planner (12 month)

• The BIG Happy Planner™ in Stay Golden

• The CLASSIC Happy Planner™ with many choices for the covers:

oBotanical Garden


oWater Color

oBe Bright

oSugar and Type™

oPicture Quote

oMake Every Day Count

oFresh Floral

oHello Life

• Classic Happy Planner - Student Edition

oSeize the Day

oHere’s to a Brilliant Year

• The Happy Planner™ Recipe Organizer

The Student Edition can also be bought as a bundle for multiple kids.