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When they meet 25 new people, I give them a free t-shirt that says, “I love my life”. I always end with a call to action. If I'm able to have their e-mail or contact information, I follow up with a newsletter that says: Ÿ Did you do your call to action? Ÿ How can I support you? Ÿ What have you applied and how have you changed your life? In that hour or hour-and-a-half time for speaking, I cannot change someone's life. However, I can plant some seeds, then follow up with an email or a newsletter afterwards. If I keep watering and nurturing those seeds, I know there will be change. Many times, the worst Bully is the one between our ears. I’ll also be speaking at No More Lives Lost in Salt Lake City, UT in January. We are also going to Ireland in June for a speaking engagement, so I am excited to say I am now an International Speaker. Jeanie Cisco-Meth has been called THE expert and go to person to improve productivity, enjoyment, and create a respectful environment. Today, DBA Bully Proofing You, Cisco-Meth works with businesses, women’s groups, and teens across America. Jeanie is the author of the best-selling book Bully Proofing You, co-author for the best-selling anthology The Change, many magazine articles, and is working on her third book Taming The Bully Between Your Ears due out next year. Visit her website at PMR: If you could change one thing about events, what would it be and why? JCM: Audience interaction. Many times, I'm sitting in the audience and I'm the only one that is clapping and cheering. I'm a very interactive audience member. I have had many speakers ask if they can hire me to just follow them around, because I get everyone in the audience involved and engaged. As a speaker, I invite my audience to clap, to interact with one another and with me. I start asking questions and I will have to remind them that nodding their head yes, or shaking their head no is giving me at least some type of interaction, but I would really love verbal interaction, claps, and hand raises. PMR: What’s next for Jeanie? JCM: I am currently writing a book geared towards adults that are trying to Tame the Bully Between Their Ears; because Bullies don't just live on the playground anymore, they're everywhere. Plan Meet Repeat Magazine Jan/Feb 2019 7