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Taming the Bully between your Ears PMR: What are some tips you’d offer to meeting planners that would improve event attendance or audience interaction? JCM: No more death by PowerPoint. Meeting Planners are shocked because I don't have a PowerPoint, I use a flip chart. Everywhere I go I use a flip chart, it's more interactive. They are used to having people with power points and needing all this audio visual, and I invite you to step outside of the box and look at some different ways to interact with your audience. O ur Editor sat down with Jeanie Cisco-Meth, Speaker, best-selling author of Bully Proofing You, and soon to be released Taming the Bully between your Ears. Jeanie shares her journey from the classroom to the stage and some tips to help make the most of your next event. Here’s what she had to share. PMR: How did you get started as a Speaker? JCM: I transitioned from the classroom to the stage in 2012 when I realized that I could reach more people from the stage than I could in my classroom. PMR: What is your message and what makes you so passionate about it? JCM: My message is called “Bully-Proofing You” and it's all about helping people heal their pain. Because I know that hurt people, can hurt other people. If I can help them start to heal that pain, then we can end some of the violence that is occurring in the world today. 6 Plan Meet Repeat Magazine Jan/Feb 2019 PMR: How do you make your presentation interactive? JCM: That's a great question because as a high- school teacher I taught at an alternative high school. If you can picture 30 ADHD kids in a classroom, that was my class! You did not just stand and lecture, you had to have the engagement and involvement with the students or you lost them very quickly. We do exercises, experiential learning, partner shares, group shares, raise your hands, high fives, these things that have been around for a long time. The struggle can be getting them to interact. As a presenter, you must train your audience because they are so used to just sitting there passively listening. PMR: After your speech is over, walk us through what you do next. JCM: When I'm wrapping up, I always give them a call to action. Something that I want them to do. We just spoke at an elementary school yesterday and I encouraged them to meet 5 people over the weekend.