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Speaker Spotlights…. BARBARA KHOZAM Ranked in the top 1% out of 400 trainers in the United States, Barbara Khozam has delivered 1700+ presentations on Customer Service, Leadership, Motivation, Potential and Communication. Barbara is the recipient of 27 awards for Sales Achievement & Outstanding Trainer Ratings. Known for her “high energy/high impact” delivery, outrageous wit, and ability to tackle real issues, she has spoken to over 75,000 employees and executives throughout ten countries. Bill Black is a Certified Exit Planner, a Certified Value Builder, and a Chartered Financial Consultant. He serves on the board of The Values Institute and The Institute for Influential Community Impact. He is an Executive Committee member of the Provisors Estate & Succession Planning Group, and co-founder of the Business Owner Advisory Team network group. He is a Charter member of BEI, the nation’s foremost Exit Planning Think Tank. Bill is also a member of Vistage Worldwide. John Ayo is a Professional Speaker, Author and Traditional Naturopath, focused on inspiring and empowering professionals to stay energized, healthy and balanced while traveling. Prior to forging a career in natural health, John spent a major part of his career working in the sales industry, where he employed his outstanding skill sets, initiative, problem solving abilities and positive attitude to lead and achieve remarkable results. He led the team that closed the largest software deal in the history of IBM (of over $1B), earning several commendations and a high reputation. After two decades in Corporate America, John began to have health issues (due to stress) that couldn't be addressed by the traditional medical model of “fixing symptoms.” This led him through a journey of discovery and reassessment, with a strong determination to lessen stress and evoke a more balanced, grounded and healthier self. Plan Meet Repeat Magazine Jan/Feb 2019 14