Plan Peoria AZ General Plan 2040 Overview - Page 4

General Plan 2040 Overview 1 ❶ Phase Project Start-up What is the Process? Phase 4 ❹ Draft Strategies, Policies, and Phase 1 is designed to establish a firm foundation on which to develop the planning effort. This phase includes the initial data gathering, branding, mapping and analysis of the study area. The process for updating the General Plan is extensive and allows for numerous Phase 2 ❷ Visioning and Scenario Planning opportunities for residents to participate, share their views, and provide ideas for inclusion in the final General Plan. The process will take approximately two years to complete and will be guided by City staff, two advisory committees, and the City Council. The process will culminate with a public vote in November 2018. The General Plan Update will be prepared in six phases. As the Plan is developed, a number of documents will be available for public review and comment. These phases and documents are described on this page. As part of the public engagement process, residents will provide input on what they value most about the City in a series of community workshops. This assessment will be done through various visioning and scenario planning exercises. The results of these exercises will help the project team understand how the City’s assets and issues impact the residents’ most fundamental values. Phase 3 ❸ Existing Conditions Background Report After analyzing data from Phase 1, information abo Ёѡ ݥ)ɥѕѡѥ ѥ) ɽչIиQ́ɕЁݥ)ɽ٥͹͡Ёѥѥ)ɕ́ѡЁɔɕѱ䁥Օ)AɥQ́ɵѥݥ͕Ѽ)ѕȁչхɕ́ѡՕ)ѡЁѡ 䁙̸)%хѥA)QɅЁɅAUєݥ)ɽՍɥѡ͔́ݥ)Ց́́Ѽեɔ)ٕЁݥѡAɥQAݥ)ͼՑхѥѡ)ݥɔѡЁ́ɔ͡)ՉɅЁݥمѼѡ)չ䁙ȁи)A͔+vAՉ)!ɥ)%A͔԰ѡAi) ͥݥȁՉЁ)ͥȁѡAȁɕѥѼ)ѡ չQ չѡ)ݥͥȁѡAȁѥ)A͔+vYѕ)Iѥѥ)ݥѥѡAɥ ) չѡɽٕɅ)Aݥ݅ɑѼѡ ɬ)͍ձȁՉٽєQ)Չٽє́ѕхѥٕ͍ձ)9ٕȁกɥѡ͔́ѡ)ɅAյ䁉ɽɔݥ)ɕ͕)A͔āA͔ȁÁ͔A͔ЁA͔ԁA͔)Aɽ)MеUYͥ)Mɥ)Aѥ) ѥ) ɽչ)IЁɅЁMɅѕ̰)Á)%хѥ)AAՉ)!ɥ́Yѕ)Iѥѥ)]ѕ(܁Mɥ(܁Mյ(܁(܁Mɥ(()ȁɔɵѥ)х)1ɥٕȰMȁAȰ 䁽Aɥ̴̴)ɥɥ蹝)ȁ٥ͥ)ܹɥ蹍()Iظ܀Ѐ