Plan Peoria AZ General Plan 2040 Overview - Page 3

General Plan 2040 Overview What Elements Will the General Plan 2040 Address? ◆ ◆ Elements required by state law Ý Ý Optional Elements Healthy Healthy Neighborhoods Neighborhoods Economic Economic Competitiveness Competitiveness The built environment has an influence on the overall lifestyle of a community. The Healthy Neighborhoods theme identifies opportunities for planning neighborhoods that revolve around community wellness. Economic Competitiveness examines industries and employment in Peoria and how they contribute to the financial prosperity of the community. Economic development includes the examination of retaining and pursuing various industries that are compatible with the community, which contributes to the overall employment opportunity within Peoria. While providing diverse and quality housing opportunities is vital to a Healthy Neighborhood, providing adequate recreation and open space that promotes active lifestyles is also important. Parks and natural open spaces, both active and passive, not only provide a place for activity, but also create a space for community gathering, thereby contributing to overall community wellness. Redevelopment and revitalization contribute to the economic competitiveness of Peoria by preserving and reviving existing community assets, as well as guiding new development in existing neighborhoods. The elements that make up the Healthy Neighborhoods theme are: The elements that make up the Economic Competitiveness theme are: ◆ ◆ Housing Ý Ý Community Wellness ◆ ◆ Recreation and Open Space Ý Ý Economic Development ◆ ◆ Revitalization and Redevelopment Conservation Conservation and and Sustainability Sustainability Growth Growth and and Mobility Mobility Conservation and Sustainability balances the natural and built environment in order to reduce the impact on environmental resources, while providing necessary services for residents. Preserving historic aspects of Peoria is a way in which the City can conserve its built identity while celebrating its history. Growth and Mobility guides the development in Peoria while balancing growth that improves and protects the quality of life in the community. This theme identifies growth areas in Peoria that have the opportunity for development within the next 20 years. These growth areas and their associated land uses promote development that may intensify travel demands. This creates a need for a multi-modal transportation system that provides both local and regional connections for those who live or work in the city. Such preservation is also needed for environmental resources that influence a community’s needs. As the City grows, preparation for future needs, especially water and energy, are necessary. As Peoria continues to experience growth, financial resources will be needed to support an increase in demand for public services and to support the City in meeting its fiscal responsibilities. The elements that make up the Conservation and Sustainability theme are: ◆ ◆ Historic Preservation ◆ ◆ Environmental Resources ◆ ◆ Water Conservation ◆ ◆ Energy The elements that make up the Growth and Mobility theme are: ◆ ◆ Land Use ◆ ◆ Growth Areas ◆ ◆ Circulation ◆ ◆ Cost of Development Public Public Services Services Arts, Arts, Culture Culture and Education and Education Reliable infrastructure and services are needed to adequately serve residents and visitors throughout the community. This theme identifies public services and facilities that the City offers its residents, and the way in which it can continue to meet public services responsibilities as the City grows. This theme contributes to a community’s livability. Livability directly influences the desire that residents have to stay in their community and the attraction that the community has to others not living in Peoria. The notion of livability is that there are opportunities in the community that positively impact the quality of life for residents. One such responsibility that the City has is ensuring the public safety and security of its residents and visitors. The City must be prepared for emergencies resulting from both man-made and natural hazards. The protection of the community is coordinated through police, fire, and emergency medical response. Components of livability include the acknowledgment and support of arts and cultural that makes the community unique. Additionally, a livable community has a solid foundation for educational opportunities. The elements that make up the Arts, Culture and Education theme are: The elements that make up the Public Services theme are: Ý Ý Arts and Culture Ý Ý Education Ý Ý Library ◆ ◆ City Facilities ◆ ◆ Safety ◆ ◆ Utilities ◆ ◆ Transit 3