Plan Peoria AZ General Plan 2040 Overview - Page 2

Who Will Guide the Update to the General Plan? Residents, Business Owners, the Public, and Other Stakeholders More than any other planning document, the General Plan needs to be a reflection of the collective aspirations of those who live, work, and own property in the city. There are a number of ways to get involved and stay up-to-date on the General Plan Update, including: Website. Everything from current information on the General Plan Update process to a link to the City’s website can be found at www. This website contains schedules for future public meetings and download-able documents prepared as part of the General Plan Update project. Technical Advisory Committee The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is an advisory body comprised of City of Peoria technical staff. The TAC is established to advise the project team on key policy and technical matters during the development of the General Plan Update. The TAC will meet approximately every month. Online and Social Media. Online and social media will allow people to share their views and input on a variety of topics. It will also be used by the City to promote upcoming outreach events where people can speak to members of the project team. Community Workshops/Events. There will be two community workshops and an array of special events held within the community to gain input on issues and opportunities, future land use alternatives, and the General Plan Update documents. City Leadership City Leadership is comprised of the Mayor and City Council, Executive Leadership, and members from City Departments. City Leadership and the project team will meet on a regular basis to monitor progress, identify strategic issues associated with the Plan’s development, and ensure that Plan goals and objectives are being addressed in an appropriate, timely manner. Public Hearings. Formal public hearings will be held with the Planning Commission and the City Council to consider the General Plan Update and its supporting documents. Public input at these meetings is encouraged. Stay Informed General Plan Advisory Committee During the General Plan Update process, the City will maintain a mailing list of individuals who want to be kept informed on the latest program events. If you would like to be added to this list, please check out the mailing list instructions on the website. To help in the development of the General Plan Update, the City created an advisory working group – the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC). The GPAC is made up of individuals from various Peoria Boards/ Commissions, along with school district representatives that will provide additional community input to the project team during the update process. The GPAC typically meets every other month. 2