Pink Weddings Magazine Spring 2017 PinkWeddings SpringSummer 2017 - Page 96

Style Look great – and make sure it’s caught on camera… Hey, good looking! Every special moment Every love is unique and in this day and age one wedding model no longer fits all. Your wedding day means your rules, and your photographs need to capture everything that’s important to you. Trust in Rishi Raj Photography to deliver stunning photographs while you relax and enjoy the moment, reflecting the wonder of the event in glamorous portraits as well as shots showing more intimate emotions. No matter how extravagant or informal your occasion, let this London- based international photographer provide you with a first class premium service, from consultation to delivery of albums and prints. A wedding photographer is privileged to immortalise your occasion, providing memories that last a lifetime. Rishi Raj wants your personalities to shine through and for your day to come alive again every time you look at the print hanging on your living room wall, or when you cosy up together to leaf through your storybook album. Relaxed and creative Cutting a dash Neil Bennett Photography specialises in wedding photography that captures the real heart 7FrVG0g&W"&rFv&rFW&'6&RGFv6&RV6W7FW'6&RB7Fff&G6&RFR7GRb2v&0&VVBB7&VFfRV( 2&6FvVFFpFw&2FfBF6RGW&7V6VG2@&W6W'fRFVf&WfW"Rvv&vFRF7&VFR琧'F7V"vW2RfR֖BB6R7W&RFPF2&R2V&B7&VFfR2RƖRW"vVFFrF2RbFR7B'FBWfVG2`W"ƖfRvFF2F&RG&V7W&VBf"vVW&F2vWFW"^( &RvWGFr'&VB6W&6"fr6f6W&VG&W76rW2W7VǒFVw&'BFPw&2BFV"'FW2VVBFFV"&W7BBFN( 0vW&R7V66W76gVV( 2f&vV"&R'W6W72&'FWGB`'WF6W"6W2FG2vFWfBw&2BFV 'FW2f"vVFFw2fW"FRv&BBFV"GF( 0( vW&RG&FF27FF&BB7FF&G2&RG&FF( ( 0vWfW"&R6&֗6VBvFFRƗ7Bbf&6G2R&fFRFR6&P&v6VBBVff6VBBR7W&RF2'BbW"F0FRgVB&VVBvRFW2vW2bFPƗGFRFWF2BvG2RFVW"F( 26^( WfW &&&FW'2BRBW"wVW7G2'WB֖vW2vFW 7&vBF7&VFR&V( v2FW&^( vW2wwrV&VWGGFw&6V66Rg&FV"G&FF&vRbf&&p6G2"6VV7B6WFrg&FV"6FV&'vVFFp&R6FwVRBRBW"wVW7G2v7WBfRfwW&W2''r'&BFW6W'B6CVVFrF&RWFfBf"&V6vVFFsGrFRBvFWv6V@6V7F&267FR"w&VVFFWfRFPWFfBRVVBwwr&'FWGB'WF6W"6Vb +vVFFw2vP