Pink Weddings Magazine Spring 2017 PinkWeddings SpringSummer 2017 - Page 92

Ask FondA Legendary cabaret queen and PWM agony aunt Fonda Cox tackles your dilemmas… Ask DEAR FONDA, I’m quite casual in my approach to tidiness whereas my fiancé is super-neat. I can’t even kick off my shoes without him leaping up to pair them at the right angle. Our wedding planning has turned into a plethora of spread sheets and gant charts – how can I make him stop this hell? My Dear Reader, if you were perfectly suited then it wouldn’t be a real marriage now would it? No one gets their fairytale – even Cinderella argued with Prince Charming over their differences because he drove a 4x4 that polluted the forest and she preferred to travel everywhere by pumpkin. But one thing I can