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Ask FondA FondA him off for anal bleaching – very effective but not cheap! It was the most I had ever spent on an entrance and that’s saying something for a girl who regularly enters village halls on a Friday night hanging from a sequinned moon on a trapeze swing. There’s only one thing for it – come shopping in my local precinct. I’ve recently moved and now live on the set where they shot Ross Kemp in Afghanistan (a lesser-known suburb of Surrey). Within five minutes of leaving Peacocks, you’ll likely be mugged – and even if they don’t take the ring because they share your opinion of its hideous nature, you can claim they did anyway in your post traumatic state. Tell your partner that wearing a replica of the ring would just bring back memories of that horrific incident and pick out a new one from Elizabeth Duke. DEAR FONDA , I've always appreciated my manly man, but I'd like him to get his hair styled and teeth whitened for the wedding. How does one suggest a sartorial overhaul without offence? Take your man to see a Donny and Marie Osmond concert in Vegas as a pre-wedding holiday. They’ve painted their image on to the side of a hotel out there and the teeth are so glaringly white you’ll be blinded just by looking at it – in fact that mural and the Great Wall of China are the only two man-made objects that can be seen clearly from outer space. If your man doesn’t feel self-conscious looking at the mural, there’s only one thing for it – start popping a shot of Domestos into his regular gin and tonics. Slowly, over time, it will bring his teeth back to a beautiful pearly white. Of course, this approach does have other benefits – he’s likely to start having severe stomach complaints which will help to give him an enviable waistline for the big day. And as for his problematic hair do, it’s likely to cause all his hair to ‘Dear Fonda, I'd like my dog to be best man but my fiancé won't hear of it. How can I gently explain that this is a deal breaker?’ fall out – problem solved. You can walk down the aisle with your very own svelte, glistening Daddy Warbucks! Does it get any sexier than that?! DEAR FONDA , I'd like my dog to be best man but my fiancé won't hear of it. How can I gently explain that this is a deal breaker? Dear Poodle, dogs truly are man’s best friend, and far more relia &RFW6&BvWfW"&RPrFB66rW"FrfW"VvVFFVǒfB7&vWv'F&W7B( 27VV6vW&RR&VvW2FRFW2bW"G'VVV'2`VF&gVbVFW&ǒVFW2vFFV"Ɨ26W'6VBF6wW7BFBB2ƖRvb6G>( '6W0FR&6F&RBFRG&bW"6আǒvWBG'VvFWBFRVVBFvV"6FfBWfW'R6fVrFR6R6W&6V FW"f"VVB6&7FVrFFW6P&wVVG2R6VB&RVVvF7vW 'FW'2FV66FW"vbF涖rखFW&F6&&WBVvVBfF62f&Pf"&R( 2VVV&W4fF66ЧvVFFw2vR +s