Pink Weddings Magazine PinkWeddings AW2017_V2 - Page 66

ANdI ANd PHIl ‘We decided we wanted something stylish but not starchy, with a small intimate group of friends.’ Harvey Nics were absolutely superb and looked after us really well, sectioning off an area of the restaurant for our celebration. Pretty much everyone said that it was a lovely relaxing day that didn’t feel too organised. There were lots of great compliments about the food and service at Harvey Nics, and a few rounds of fabulous cocktails after lunch! We felt excited, happy – and relieved it had gone so well. One of the highlights has to be an inspired moment by Phil; as we were all walking from the registry office to Harvey Nics, he suggested we made a detour into the Castle Park Gardens, where there are ruins of an old church with gorgeous meadow flower beds. It resulted in some superb pictures from our fabulous photographer, Peter Morgan of Morgan James Photography. We loved seeing everything come together after the months of planning – the ride into town in the beautiful midnight blue Bentley, how fab the suits looked with the buttonholes and how relaxed everyone was over lunch with so much laughter and enjoyment. Our tips for others are to give yourself time to think about what you really want for the day, make it personal to you and try to relax when the day comes so that you enjoy it all the mo K\][Y[HHݙ\[H; \  [XZH\H[H]Hܘ\\[H]BYYYܛYHYܙZ[ \[H[X[]HX\\Y\\˂H\YYۈH[YH]Hܝ8&Z[H[۸&HX\H[\]YY[XܚXK[HYXܙ]H\ܘYYB[Hܚ[Z]HH[Y\X][[[[œ]\[ܙH[\܈\]H[\X][X[YH; ][HY[Z]B˛[ܙ[[Y\˘˝Z0[Y[XY^[