Pink Weddings Magazine Pink Weddings Summer 2018 - Page 64

LAuRA AnD SeReLLe and it felt so personal throughout. We got a lot of compliments about the venue and how pretty it all was. S tanding in front of all of our friends and family and showing everyone that we are together was such an amazing feeling. The whole day was a high, but I was so proud when I looked at the whole floor filled with people dancing. I hate the dreaded ‘dancing circle’ at a wedding and I was very pleased that everyone felt comfortable enough to just let loose! There had been points along the way where I wasn’t sure if some of my family members would come to our wedding, but being able to look around and see those people there, supp - orting us and celebrating our day, was just out of this world. Remember as you’re planning that it’s your day – so do it how you want to do it. The day goes by so quickly! Make sure you have a minute by yourselves to take it all in. Also, spend the money on the things that matter to you. We spent less on favours t ɔݔ䁥ѡ)ՑЁѼѡᅍЁѽɅȁݔ݅ѕ)ͼͥȁ٥Ʌȸ]eаٕ́䁅)ѡѽ́ɔЁݽձٔѼɕٔͽ)ѡɥ́ݥѠ٥)%ѡոѼѡԁ䁉ݥѠ)́Օ̃LՕ́ȁѕ)ȁЁ䁑Ʌ̄eЁЁѡ͔ѱѡ)ѡȁԸ!ѱ䰁ȁݥ͔)ݡӊéхЁ́ѡЁ׊eɔ她ȁЁɥ)ܹхɥѽɅ乍լ