Pink Weddings Magazine Pink Weddings Summer 2018 - Page 60

LauRa anD SeReLLe T he proposal was actually a massive surprise. Serelle planned a weekend away at Chilston Manor, which I thought was a weekend away for her birthday. She didn’t want me to have any idea about the proposal so did it around her birthday to have an excuse to stay at a nice hotel and go to a fancy restaurant. She says her proposal was ‘a bit crap’ but I don’t think so! She didn’t get down on one knee but asked me while we were in the hotel room and presented me with a ring. She knew if she did i ЁՉ'eٔɅ͵и)]Ѡ݅ѕͽѡ)ɅѥЁȁ)ݕ]ɔեєɥمє)ݥѠ͵ɽ)ɥ́丁]݅ѕ)ͽѡѡЁݽձ)䁅ɕͽ)Qѡ݅́եєͥɕ䃊LݔeЁ݅)ѡѽݥȁٕȁѡѽ]ݡєͅ)ɕ́ȁ̰хѥݥѠѡ٥хѥ̸5)ՕЁ݅́ݡє̰ݡݔͼ)́ȁɕ̸=ȁٽ́ݕɔѡЁəհ)Ёѡݕ́ݔݕѥхѡЁݔ)ɝ͕͕ٕ̰䁉她مɥ䁽م͕́́)ձѤɕݕ̸)]eЁɥєȁݸٽ̰Ё͍͕ѡ)͔ѡ́ݔЁݕɔЁхЁɕم)Ѽ́ɽѡٕ͕ѥQɕ䁵ͥ݅́)Q1ռLݼɱ́٥她)ͽ́ѡ́5)ͽ 丁])ͭMɕéչͥ́Ѽɕȁ̰)51ٔ!MѕȁI%Ё݅́ѥհ( ݕ́饹