Pink Weddings Magazine Pink Weddings Summer 2018 - Page 54

venues Choose partners you can trust for every aspect of your day… The best-made plans Just say oui Oui ici can provide everything you need to hold a spectacular wedding celebration or event in the south west of France: venues, furnishings and decor. They have several beautiful venues for you to choose from, a Bedouin-style stretch tent that accommodates up to 60 people seated or 100 standing, and elegant event furniture – all of which come with a personalised and unique-to-you decorating service. They can offer a full planning and organisation service, or just provide you with everything you need [][][\ۈ[YK[x&\H\H[H\XX]܈[\Y^K˙[Y[ZZXKBH\YXB]X[]HX]ܜ]\H\HYۈ[ݙx&\\X]ܜ&HXXH[]HY[[Y\H\ۘ[[\[\Y[YYقH\Y[وYۋݙH[\^܈ݙ\ YX\ˈ^HZ[HXZH[[[\]Y\[ܙHX\XK[Z\Z\HوH8&[YH^B\ۜx&HYX[[\]Y\[ۈ\]\[[۝[Y[K^H\HX[[K\ZH[K[]]\YB[\^H^H\H\H[[Z\BZHH[YH[H[\[[\YY˜YܙHݚY[[ \ۋYYKٙ\[ۘ[YXK^H]\YHZ\ˈY[H\H\BY^H[[ [X\H۝X[H\Z\[]X[\\[ۈ\YK˚]\K˝Z\]H[[Bۙۈ\\H^K\[\[\XHY]ܜZHBܙX]X[وX\\HH\][[X[[H[HH^\Y[B^H[YY\Y[Y\[[[˜Y[ˈ^H\HY\\Y[[\Y\H\\]܈[Xܙ[H]ݙ\Y[Y[][ۜ[[]\H\YX]Hقٙ\[ۘ[\][H\[\Z\[\][X[KHۙHوZ\XۚXۙۈ\\܈[\Y[[\]H[[HHZ\\]YHۙۈ\\\HHX[X[›ܚY[[HZ[]Y[ NMH[ NM^H]HY[YX[[Z\[ۈ[\\X\[\KBZX\]HHX^[][H\X]H܈ ̈\[\[B\\\YH]H]\[ۙX܈8$\Y[ܚY[[ۙۈ[ܝ[YܛK]Hܚ[]][XX]XX[HH˛ۙۘ\˘˝ZM0[Y[XY^[