Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 114

VENUES Fantasy island For dramatic wedding photos, it’s hard to find a more memorable backdrop than The Vu in West Lothian. With floor- to-ceiling windows offering panoramic views over the Ballencrief Reservoir, the venue’s Waterlily Island is a truly magical place to share your celebrations with up to 280 guests. Your guests can stay in the beautiful Canadian log cabins and as the VIP couple, you’ll have a five-star cabin with every comfort and convenience so you can rest your pins after a night on the LED dance floor. Why not start the day as you mean to go on by arriving in the venue’s stunning white Rolls Royce Phantom. The team at The Vu will make sure every detail and decoration builds up to an unforgettable day and evening. Even if the day goes in a blur, you’ll have a spectacular set of photos in this amazing setting to remind you of your special day. As one couple commented after their ‘unforgettable wedding day’, ‘We just wish we could wake up to the sensational view every day!’ Location, location Take a truly stunning setting and the rest follows naturally… Waterside wedding With iconic Georgian architecture, beautiful white façade and grand dome referred to as the ‘wedding cake’, the Royal Thai Pier offers a stunning venue overlooking the waterfront in Southampton. The spacious and elegant venue is over three floors, each offering luxurious and comfortable surroundings, perfect for your guests to relax and enjoy the tranquil setting. The Waterfront Terrace shows off the waterside location at its best, and makes for a beautiful backdrop to saying your vows. Your wedding at the Royal Thai Pier will be tailored to your needs. You can choose Thai or Western cuisine – or a combination of both – for a menu designed by their talented chefs. Whether you choose this unique venue for exchanging your vows or decide to stay on and party with them long into the evening, this is the perfect venue both for your formal ceremony and celebration afterwards. impeccable service FR&W6'B06WfW&fVVW2FVWBWfW'&VfW&V6Rg&&vRWFF 6W&V6VFr6vR@6 :2FRFW'&6RFFFPFVvF6'F'&VB6W'fVBF'2ࠥ7GW&RW&fV7@VvW&R&W6'B26GVFVB&fFRc7&RV7VFR7GVrVBF7G&7Bb6fW&v'FW&ग&VN( 2GfVGW&R6FFR&W6'N( 27FfbbFVF6FV@vVFFr6&FF'2VFW'7FBFBWfW'6WR2VVRf6f"FV"vVFFrBFW&FRFV6VfW2B +vVFFw2vP2vFWfW'FrV6RFRfB@VvW&R&W6'B26V6BFRFRg&W6W7B6&GV6Rg&'F67WƖW'22W6VBF7&VFRWFvFW&rF6W2( 2VW2&P7&VFVBB&W&VB'7&F6ǒ66VB6VbV4VVb6W'6RFRvVFFr2FRWfVB'WBFR&W&Fগ2'FBFBFRF72FRFV6Rf W&r&Vf&RFR&rFwwrVvW&W&W6'B6Р