Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 104

Gem and HannaH everyone. We had a photo booth, kindly provided by a friend. This was by far some of the best money we spent, as the memories we have are hysterical. The run-up to the wedding was particularly stressful, as neither of us had ever coordinated anything like it before and we both wanted it to be perfect. It was probably slightly more stressful from doing so much of it ourselves, but on the day this only served to make it more special. neither of us would change anything about the day. Hearing them pronounce us mrs and mrs Bow and all of our guests cheering was amazing. not wanting to take each other's surnames we chose our own, deciding on Bow. We love it, as it’s feminine, symbolises love and has connotations of ‘tying the knot’. From that moment, our future together as a new family began. The most common feedback we received about the day was how fun and relaxed the wedding was. The most touching feedback was that the day was so full of love. Some told us it was the best wedding they’d ever been to – we hope they didn’t just want to be polite. Our advice to the other couples would be don't scrimp on the photography. along with the photo booth, the money we spent on our photographers was the best money we spent. We both regularly look back on our photos and say how pleased we are that we chose who we did. after all, aside from your new spouse and the rings, the photography is the only thing from your day that will last forever. We have photos that vR6( BvBF6&RvFW"gWGW&R6G&V6V6FǒR7W&RR7VBFRFvWFW"FRFB6fW"WfW'VBFRvRFvVB'&W"'WBRbFR&W7B&G2v2FRW"vR7VBFvWFW G&涖r6vRFR6W'fgFW"FR6W&VV6f&BFw&wwr6f&B6V( W"Gf6RFFW"6WW0vVB&RFwB67&FRFw&gFW"6FRg&W"Wp7W6RBFR&w2FPFw&2FRǐFrFBv7B( B +vVFFw2vP