Pinal County JLUS Final Report - Page 30

  Identifying and describing the various activities performed at the AZARNG sites and in the surrounding airspace provides valuable insight into the importance of the AZARNG as a regional, state, and national strategic asset and as a part of the fabric of the surrounding communities. The purpose of this information is to help stakeholders make informed decisions about future development and economic growth within communities around the AZARNG sites that could potentially impact their viability and future missions. Arizona Army National Guard Missions The AZARNG has a unique dual mission, with both state and federal responsibilities.  The  state mission is to protect the public safety of the citizens of Arizona by providing support  to civil authorities during natural disasters, civil unrest, and other emergencies.  The  governor serves as the Commander in Chief for the Arizona Army National Guard and is  responsible for mobilizing AZARNG personnel as needed to fulfill the state mission.   Mobilization is done in coordination with the Adjutant General.  The AZARNG’s federal  mission is to maintain properly trained and equipped units available for prompt  mobilization in times of war, national emergencies, or as otherwise needed.  If and when  necessary, the President of the United States has the authority to mobilize the National  Guard in support of its federal mission.  When federalized, National Guard units are  commanded by the Combatant Commander of the theatre in which they are assigned.  Arizona Army National Guard soldiers train year‐round in preparation for any mission,  foreign or domestic. National Guard members are required to attend one drill weekend  each month and one training period every year.  These training periods usually last for  two weeks in the summer.  Many AZARNG members serve in a full‐time capacity in a role  known as Active Guard and Reserve.  12 Arizona Army National Guard Profile