Pinal County JLUS Final Report - Page 112

Silverbell Army Heliport Pinal County Pinal Airpark Legend Airfield Obstructions MCA Airfield Obstructions MCA Subzone A (Approach/Departure Clearance Surface. Slope 8:1 up to 150 ft) Silverbell Army Heliport Pinal Airpark Airfield Obstructions MCA Subzone B (Transitional Surface. Slope 2:1 up to 150 ft) Source: AZARNG Florence Military Reservation (Real Property Component 4) Proponent Strategy, October 2017; Matrix Design Group, 2018. Note: The imaginary surfaces were not available from the AZARNG and were mapped based on DoD Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 3-260-01 for the purposes of this project and are meant for informational and planning purposes only. 0 94 250 500 Feet Figure 26 Silverbell Army Heliport Airfield Obstructions MCA Implementation Plan