Piedmont Triad Living October 2016 - Page 7

Are you looking for something different? Tired of meeting for coffee? Need a great gift for someone? This is a place you have to check out.

This is not your grandmother's tea shop. With hundreds of teas, tea sets from delicate to manly and a wide range of gifts, this shop stands out.

Nothing commercial like that place in the mall. True loose teas in so many flavors. From classic black to chocolate strawberry saffron and everything in the middle. Enjoy a cup as you browse the myriad of books that range from coffee table photo books to old leather bound tomes. Play an a old board game as you sip a mellow blend or talk with your dear ones while drinking a supercharged Go Juice. (More on that in a moment).

Don't know much about loose teas and how to select and brew? No problem. Wade will gladly coach you and assist you. They have everything you need to get started in this fine tradition of teas.

Gifts galore are available. Some of my favorites are the elegant cup, saucer and spoon sets to light up the imagination of any special lady of any age. Loking for that Japanese tea set? They have them all shapes and colors. Something for your office? They have tea and coffee presses travel mugs and more.

A varied selection of gourmet chocolate bars, with and without liquor, including locally made bars make great gifts to accompany the teas.

One very unique offering is the line of Salt Of The Earth. These are packs of sea salt with rare spices infused like saffron, truffle and more. A line of salt sprays with flavors infused is also available for those times you just want a dash of flavor.

Usually, there is a special baked good available also to accompany your beverage. Today it was bourbon pecan cake. Be sure to ask what the day's treat is.

Now about that Go Juice, which is my favorite drink. This drink is better than almost any mocha, latte or coffee concoction you have ever had. You pick the chocolate infused tea of your choice. Wade, the owner, mixes it with a blend of tea that has more caffeine than a cup of coffee. He adds cream and sweetener (sugar free is available). This drink rocks! Only two per visit allowed. It's just that strong. As a caffeine fiend I can tell you, this one packs it in.

I strongly suggest a visit here.