Piedmont Triad Living October 2016 - Page 19

Urogynecologic Society shows that as the BabyBoomer generation has aged, the number of surgical procedures for female pelvic disorders over the past decade has doubled. Board certifiedUrogynecologists evaluate and treat female pelvicdisorders with greater frequency than non-specialists which results in a higher level of expertiseand the highest chance of long-term treatment success. The recurrence rate followinga standard, suturerepair forbladder prolapse carries a30% chance of failure over time. It is important to ask your surgeon whattheir planwould beshould this happen to you.Specialistshave many options for treatment and are equippedto handlerecurrences and complications,while rare, shouldthey occur. Complex female pelvic conditions call for a board certified surgeon.


Many women aren’t aware that there are effectivetreatments available for female pelvic problems. They think that their issuesare a natural part of the agingprocess.Urinary leakage, and vaginal bulging are not normal and do not have to be endured.However,womenare savvy at copingwith their private issues. These problems oftendevelop gradually overtimeand might seem intuitive but oftencreate additional problems. Often women who leak urine, figure that if theyvoid more often and stay empty, they won’tleak. It doesn’t work and creates a new urinary frequency issue that until confidenceis gained followingsuccessful treatment that leakage will no longeroccur, continues.

Dr.CarolE. Mooreis a urogynecologist board certifiedin FemalePelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Medicine engage in a lifetime relationship with patients. Her treatment is tailored to each individual woman and the uniquequality of life issues that impact herdaily life. Dr.Moore ispreparedto evaluate and readily treat new onset symptoms as her patient moves forward in life. Women whotake an active roleintheir pelvic health will find that the issues they are struggling withare common. A consultation with Dr. Moore provides a variety of options -both surgical and non-surgical - for restoring pelvic health and contributes to an overall senseof well being.