Piedmont Triad Living October 2016 - Page 17

participating in charitywalks, financial donations, a hug, sharing of experiences, encouraging words or simplylistening. Anyone who has volunteered knows the personal benefits that are reaped from givingback to the community. And, with the current growth of food allergy, there is a good chance it will impact each American in their lifetime. Adults find comfort in speaking with others who“get it” and draw on others' experiences, while children find a sense of peace knowing they are not the only ones living with the challenges that accompany food allergies.

3. Create the Community You Desire-Margaret Mead says, “Never doubt that a small group of

thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

By coming together as a community to inspire change through education, awareness, policy

changes and modeling thoughtful choices to keep others safe with food allergies, we can create

a more educated and compassionate community

You can ask of the members and they will tell you the support they have received from FAFT is immeasurable. Christine, of Wallburg, says, “FAFT member helped me navigate sending my food allergic child to kindergarten by giving me experienced advice on keeping him safe. FAFT provided me with the resources I needed to advocate for him within the school system. I'd never have been able to do this, and have some comfort with this process, if it wasn';t for FAFT and the fellow food allergy families”. “On-line resources are convenient and helpful in some areas, but the human spirit benefits in

unmeasurable ways when time is spent sitting down face to face with others who are living with the same challenges”, says Mrs. Fuller.

To find out how you might get involved or to learn more about food allergies, please visit