Pickleball Magazine 3-1 - Page 66

RULES GURU We’d Like to Hear From You! Submit your questions to editors@pickleballmagazine.com. By Christine Barksdale, USAPA Managing Director of Athletic Competition Q: Dear Guru, My partner and I stack. Sometimes, especially after a long rally, we forget who is serving/receiving or if we are in the right position. So, we are always careful to ask the referee if we are the right server/receiver and if we are in the right position. Someone told me we could no longer ask the referee these questions. Is this true? A: Your source is partially correct. Under the new rules, to determine if you are in the right spot, note the following: • If you are the serving team, you are allowed to ask, Q: Dear Guru, In a 2-out-of-3 game match, during game 3 we switched sides after my partner and I reached 6 points. It was a hot day, so we stopped to grab a drink, towel off and take a brief break. The referee called out “15 seconds.” I’ve never had a referee issue a time limit during a mid-game end change before. Was this correct? A: Yes. In the 2018 USAPA-IFP Rulebook, rule 5.B.6. states, “The maximum time allowed 64 to switch sides during a game is 60 seconds. The referee will announce a 15-second warning and then call the score after the full 60 seconds and apply the 10-Second Rule. Players not resuming play within 70 seconds will receive a fault.” “Am I the correct server?” and “What is the score?” (USAPA-IFP Rule 4.B.8.) • If you are the receiving team, you are only allowed to ask the referee, “What is the score?” (USAPA-IFP Rule 4.B.9.) The logic behind changing what players may ask is that players should be able to determine their positions based on the score. Allowing the referee to tell a player whether he or she is in the correct position is a form of coaching. Q: Dear Guru, In a tournament match my partner and I won the “toss” to determine side, serve or receive. We chose a side, and the other team decided to receive. We really wanted to receive and thought they would serve if we chose a side. So, we changed our mind and said we want to receive instead of taking a side. The referee wouldn’t allow it. Was he correct? A: Yes, the referee was correct. According to the new rules in Section 5: Selection of Side, Service or Return, rule 5.A.2. states, “Once a selection has been made, it cannot be changed.” TO SUBSCRIBE CALL 888.308.3720 OR GO TO THEPICKLEBALLMAG.COM Q: Dear Guru, In a recent tournament match, the referee called the score once I was ready to serve. I served the ball, and my opponent claimed he was holding up his paddle indicating he was not ready. The referee warned me about serving before checking to see if he was ready. Was it correct for him to give me a warning? A: We can lo ]B[][\š[X[ۈ 8"H\K\XH\]Y[H[ܚ[[\΂(TTKRQ[H K]\]8'ۘHBY\YH]\Z[\BXZ]\\[][ۂ[XYH܈[B[][ۈ[XYB[HܙH\Y[[Y H\\\˜[Y LXۙœ\HH[ 'B(TTKRQ[H K]\]8'H][[B[YYZ[HXZ]\Yۘ[8&XYx&BY\HܙH\Y[[Y [\\H\˜H[\H^Y\܂X[H]و][ۈ\›ۜY\YH[Y[\'B[[\[\[\[Z[HY\YBY[H K[HYHY[H\[][ LXۙˈYBXZ]\X[YHXYBY\HܙH\[Y ][HH][[B[܈H\[X[K