Pickleball Magazine 3-1 - Page 50

USAPA/IFP RULE REVISIONS EFFECTIVE JANUARY 31, 2018 By Christine Barksdale, USAPA Managing Director of Athletic Competition To help players recognize and understand significant rule changes, the USAPA has created the below guide. The 2018 Official Tournament Rulebook is available at ifpickleball.org /// SECTION 1 – THE GAME NEW/REVISED RULE OLD RULE The court is divided into right/even and left/odd service courts. Previously the service courts were only referenced as right and left. /// SECTION 2 – COURT AND EQUIPMENT NEW/REVISED RULE OLD RULE 2.E.6.e. Removable Parts. No removable parts except for paddle grip adjustments and/or grip wraps and lead tape on the paddle edge. There was no previous rule regarding removable parts. 2.E.7. Model Designation. The manufacturer must have a clearly marked brand and model name or model number on the paddle. Paddles with different core material, surface material, or other significant differences must have a unique name or number. 2.E.8. Included a statement that paddles must have been offered for sale to the general public. This statement has been removed. No rule regarding clothing color has been established. 2.F.1. Clothing may be of any color. 2.F.2. Manufacturers are subject to annual and/or blind testing to ensure that products as produced and sold are compliant with all requirements. There was no previous rule regarding blind or annual testing. 2.F.3. Players are responsible for confirming that the paddle they are using for match play is listed as Pass on the USAPA/IFP Approved Paddle List. See 2.F.3.a. for violation penalties. There was no previous rule regarding player confirma- tion of paddles approved for use in sanctioned play. /// SECTION 3 – DEFINITIONS 48 NEW/REVISED RULE OLD RULE 3.A.36. Underhand - The player’s arm must be mov- ing in a forward and upward arc with the palm turned upward or downward. The old rule did not specify that the palm could be down. NOTE: The service motion rules have not changed, the addition of the “palm down” was to clarify that a backhand serve is legal. TO SUBSCRIBE CALL 888.308.3720 OR GO TO THEPICKLEBALLMAG.COM