Pickleball Magazine 3-1 - Page 44

HEALTH & WELLNESS I DON’T NEED THERAPY— ALL I NEED IS PICKLEBALL By Michael Morgan PICKLEBALL IS MY THERAPY. Pickleball is notorious for good t-shirt taglines, but this one gave me pause: “Pickleball is going to put me—and all other mental health professionals—out of business!” Although the shirts were made in jest, there are many reasons pickleball is mentally and emotionally therapeutic. Social Interaction and Meaningful Relationships Human beings are social creatures. Relationships help us make it through life in a meaningful, resilient way. Pickleball is amazing in how wide and vast the social net casts. If you are planning on playing pickleball, just know that community involvement and social networking are inevitable. Meaningful connections, mentorships, and lasting friendships are created naturally in the pickleball community. I don’t know of any other sport where friends are made and contact information is exchanged so quickly! Odds are if you type in the word “pickle” on someone’s contact list, a long list of people will populate. The community isn’t just local. Many travelers struggle with feeling lonely on the road. However, if you hop on 42 Facebook and type in “pickleball” and the city you are traveling to, odds are there’s a pickleball community happy to welcome new players for the week. Recently, my friend and I traveled to the Quad Cities area for the John Deere Classic. While we were waiting for our flight, we found the local pickleball club on Facebook. We sent a message before we took off, and by the time we landed, we had a response--an invitation to come and play during the week. Even though the humidity was off the charts, it made for an extremely enjoyable week. It’s the same across the entire country. The pickleball community is extremely inclusive! I’ve heard many recovering from heart disease or other health conditions tell their story that pickleball literally saved their lives. Similarly, isolated souls, suffering from depression or social anxiety, have told me that pickleball has done the same for them. If you haven’t been on the courts for a while, expect a text from someone calling you back to the community! TO SUBSCRIBE CALL 888.308.3720 OR GO TO THEPICKLEBALLMAG.COM