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PUBLISHER’S PLAYBOOK I A Publication of Dollard Publishing Co., Inc. 11 Mayview Road, Canonsburg, PA 15317 www.thepickleballmag.com PUBLISHER Wayne Dollard wayne@thepickleballmag.com 412.833.8805 EDITORIAL n this issue, we’re excited to bring you our annual Paddle Guide, where you’ll find the most cutting edge pickleball paddle technology on the market. If you’re wondering what can change in a paddle from year to year, the answer may surprise you— and even improve your game. In a sport like ours, where players either start out with pickleball or migrate from other racquet sports, differences in paddle weight, composition and handling can make all the difference in playing to your individual strengths. Another aspect of the racquet is personalization. Pickleballers love to have fun, and racquets are not just tools to score points—they’re reflections of who we are. Manufacturers offer personalized paddles with a wide assortment of colors, graphics, logos and accessories. Tina Dollard t.dollard@thepickleballmag.com ADVISORY BOARD WAYNE DOLLARD, PUBLISHER // INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF tournament play all over the country. To read more about this fun-loving hobby, don’t miss “RV Picklers Are Sweeping the Nation” on page 26. As we head into another exciting year of action on the courts, check out the 2018 Tournament Schedule. There’s sure to be one near you. If not, maybe hitch a ride with one of our RV Picklers. Looking forward to sharing another amazing pickleball year with you. See you on the courts! Between this issue and last, I had an opportunity to attend the Tustin Winter Classic in Tustin, California. For the second time, I witnessed how it’s done in Cali. Big things are happening there, and it’s one of my favorite spots to visit and play pickleball. Earlier this month I met up with a group of RV enthusiasts in Phoenix who live on the road, chasing the horizon to the next pickleball tournament. While not for everyone, there’s something to be said about the staggering number of players who mix their love of RV travel with Sarah Ansboury Christine Barksdale Rob Davidson Rob Elliott Wes Gabrielsen Jim Hackenberg Jennifer Lucore Christine McGrath Tyson McGuffin Steve Paranto ART DIRECTOR Melissa St Giles CONTRIBUTING WRITERS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS Wayne Dollard, Publisher 412.833.8805 (cell) | Wayne@ThePickleballMag.com | ThePickleballMag.com 2 Dennis Dacey A.J. Fraties Irene Fraties Alex Hamner Rusty Howes Lynn Laymon Jennifer Lucore Bob Nibarger Steve Paranto TO SUBSCRIBE CALL 888.308.3720 OR GO TO THEPICKLEBALLMAG.COM Alyssa Sue Photography Jack Bandel Christine Barksdale Rob Davidson Joe Dinoffer Alex Hamner Rusty Howes CJ Jermstad T.C. Kelley Laura Fenton Kovanda Jennifer Lucore Justin Maloof Michael Morgan Alan Neff Bob Nibarger Steve Paranto Jack Thomas Dollard Publishing Co., Inc. publishes six issues of Pickleball Magazine per year. Subscriptions are $24 per year. To subscribe, go to thepickleballmag.com. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. REPRODUCTION IN WHOLE OR IN PART IS PROHIBITED. © 2018 Please recycle this magazine when you are through enjoying it.