Pickleball Magazine 3-1 - Page 36

» LATEX FREE » MADE IN THE USA » WASHABLE AND BREATHABLE » FIT INTO ANY SHOE OR SNEAKER BRD Sport braces give you RELIEF IN MOTION! BRD Sport braces are made with a 3 D technical knit design…why? Because it offers superior compression and fit! It gives you support, pain relief, reduces swelling and stabilizes the area to k Y\[HXYBԕSH0ŒBSURPSBӕTQUQBVTSPBԕNӑQBBBHS•\]Y\\[ۂ[Y]HۙYHZ[THY\\YQHPHSUSQUTTHNQPQ”YX\[[ [[[X][ۂ”\\[܈Yܝ ]\[\Z[HۙYB̋L MM BVԑHHSSHшTTSӈPT•Bԕ HQPQHSHTBL M ΌSB\\[܈\ܝYX\Z[HZ[[[ \]\Œ”SPӑBSTYX\[[‰[[[X][ۂPԒPHS  ̌ԈTPPSPQːBԕ