Pickleball Magazine 3-1 - Page 35

is remembering to have fun. I sometimes put pressure on myself in tournaments, especially this one. It’s difficult to stay in a happy medium, between wanting to win and remembering to have fun! Although my partner, Jake, and I took second this year, I am proud of myself for making a conscious effort to have fun, because in the end—it’s just a game. Wow, there you have it. Great lessons learned from Nationals finalists. It doesn’t really matter if you win or lose—it’s what you learn along the way. • Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner started playing pickleball in 2010, and have competed in tournaments across the USA (and internationally). Between them, they have 28 National Titles, including winning gold in the Women’s Open Doubles at Nationals for four consecutive years (2011 – 2014). For more pickleball fun see Jennifer’s blog at www.allpickleball.com. // Bonnie Williams Silver, Senior Open Women’s Doubles with Jennifer Dawson Having enough gas in the tank to play pickleball all day is paramount to a successful day on the courts. Make sure the meal you eat the night before supplies you with all the fats, proteins and carbs needed to carry you through the next day. Bring a well-stocked cooler with all sorts of snacks with simple sugars, salts, proteins and fats to keep you going. Without proper fueling, you just may come up short. // Mike Gates Silver, Senior Open Men’s Doubles with Tony Tollenaar In every match it’s essential to be prepared to revise your strategy and style of play before a match gets out of hand. Adjusting quickly will ultimately provide you with a chance to prevail. // Tony Tollenaar Silver, Senior Open Men’s Doubles with Mike Gates When you make it to the gold medal match—and have to wait for several matches before you play again—it’s critical to keep moving. Also, remember to eat so you can stay fueled and focus on finishing strong. JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 | MAGAZINE 33