Pickleball Magazine 3-1 - Page 30

Ken Hamill, founder of Big Rigs Best Bets, has seen pickleball explode in the U.S. He consults with nearly 2,000 RV parks and likens the demand for pickleball to the demand for Wi-Fi some years ago. Rich Stockwell, one of the premiere RV park consultants in the industry, says, “We always include and recommend pickleball courts in our designs.” Just four or five years ago, RV park pickleball was mostly a southern phenomenon in Arizona, Florida, and Southern California. Now Ken recommends and sees courts being constructed and actively played in North Idaho (StoneRidge), Upstate New York (Lake George), and many other northern locales. As new players join the game and begin playing in tournaments, they mix their love of RV travel with tournament play all over the country, thereby exposing more people to the great game of pickleball. Many RV resorts host their own tournaments or participate in ones nearby. The Coeur d’Alene Classic pickleball tournament, now in its third year and attracting SEE PAGE 31 >>>> Want to learn more? > > > Most RV parks with pickleball courts offer lessons—and many more now offer professional help with the “LevelUp” program, which features high-level players giving all-day or multi- day lessons with excellent one- on-one coaching. If you want a more in-depth experience, try the LevelUp training camp. Visit www.leveluppickleballcamps. com for clinics in your area. 28 Check out a few of our favorite places to play: Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort, Arizona www.palmcreekgolf.com “Palm Creek’s 55+ community hosts over 2,000 RV and vacation home sites on 350 acres of fun and entertainment. With nearly every amenity imaginable, our residents describe us as a year- round summer camp. Of course, our 32 lighted pickleball courts are the highlight of the resort. The courts drive occupancy and add tempo and enthusiasm to our thriving, healthy community.” — Stephanie Martin, Marketing Director for Sun RV Resorts Outdoor Resorts, Indio, California www.orindio.com “Since pickleball was introduced to Outdoor Resorts Indio (ORI), it has grown into the largest sports/social club at the resort. As many as 200 active pickleball players are here in a very active season! There’s evidence that at least a couple of our owners would not have bought if we didn’t have pickleball. We also have testimonials that 20 percent of owners considered the availability of pickleball to be a posit ٔѽȁѡȁͥ́Ѽ)IXи5䁽ȁݹ̽́ɅٕѼمɥ́IXѽɹ)ѡɽ՝ЁѡTL t+P Ս1 AɕͥЁ=I$A Ո)Iٕ 5ѽɍIͽа)1ɥ)ܹɥٕɉɥ+qԁȁѡЁͥ%Ё݅)Ё̸])хѕЁЁIٕ ɭ)ݥѠЁݕݼ̰)܁Ё́ЁѡIXɕͽЁ)ͥ%ԁٔIXɕͽЁ)ԁeЁ̰ٔ׊eɔͥиIٕ ɕѱ)́ɔѡѥٔ́Ёѥհ̻t+P)IɵȁAɕͥЁչȁѡIٕ A Ո)ȁՕɽѠͽѡɸɥ)Q