Pickleball Magazine 3-1 - Page 11

USAPA CERTIFIED REFEREE PROGRAM By Christine Barksdale, USAPA Director of Athletic Competition HERE’S THE BALL WE HAD TO USE BECAUSE OF THE FLOOR. HONDURAS PICKLEBALL JOINS PLACES 2 PLAY U SAPA is proud to announce that the certified referee program is off and running! The program saw enormous growth in 2017, and the crown jewel was that all medal matches at the 2017 USAPA Nationals had certified referees for all medal rounds. This is quite an accomplishment since the tournament featured more than 1,300 players at two venues. USAPA congratulates the following individuals who have recently taken the next step to professionalize pickleball at all levels: Wayne Fackrell, Joanne Hessey, Brian Jennison, Charlotte Jorgensen, Nichole Munro, Albert Noda, Melissa Ownby, Bob Paulsen, Ken Porter, Hank Reimer, Revvell Revati and Kathy Reidy. For more information on the Certified Referee Program, email ref-certification@usapa.org. W e now officially have, with the National Pickleball Association, our latest outreach of Places 2 Play in Honduras Central America. We are grateful to work with Central America Medical Outreach (CAMO) in adding another sport to the only gym in Santa Rosa de Capon—and the only one in all of western Honduras. JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 | MAGAZINE 9