Pickleball Magazine 2-6 - Page 83

Cup of Joe As Seen On: 3-Time Featured Coach WHAT ARE YOUR PRIORITIES? Net to net and back to back Author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller BY JOE DINOFFER U nsure which opponent to hit toward in doubles? We all know that simple is good, especially under competitive pressure. Split-second decisions do not allow for careful consideration and there is certainly no time to ask your coach or look up a tip in Pickleball Magazine! Here’s the question this column will address: Which opponent do you hit toward in doubles? Read this tip well. What you learn needs to become intuitive and automatic. The answer contains both good news and bad news. The good news is that there are basically only two options. The bad news is that there are two options to understand and remember. The choices are based on where you are on the court when you strike the ball. The thread that connects both answers is the time factor. In the middle of an action-packed doubles point in pickleball, aim at the person closest to the net if you are at the net yourself. This puts pressure on your opponents by hitting to the person who has less time to react. But, if you are on the baseline, hit to the opponent who is farthest from the net to give you more time to recover and improve your own court position. Here’s a short way to remember this critical tactic: Hit net to net and back to back. It’s as simple as that! • Prem Carnot THE PICKLEBALL GURU Learn the 5 Rules of Playing Smart Pickleball at: www.SmartPickleball.com 30-DAY PADDLE TEST DRIVE OVER 100 MODELS IN STOCK 100% HAPPY RETURN POLICY LOVE IT OR SEND IT BACK FOR EXCHANGE OR FULL REFUND THE PICKLEBALL SUPERSTORE Joe Dinoffer is a USPTA and PTR master professional, has written 7 books and 22 DVDs, and has appeared on the Tennis Channel. His company www.OnCourtOffCourt.com manufactures training aids for pickleball and tennis, and is also the exclusive distributor for the Pickleball Tutor in the United States. 888-854-0163 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 | MAGAZINE 81