Pickleball Magazine 2-6 - Page 81

Harry Ferrari We’re making paddles right now in Pittsburgh, using tennis racquet technology and offering paddles for every type of player. Our paddles are available on our website, gammasports.com, nationally in stores like DICK’S Sporting Goods, at Pickleball Central, as well as internationally. We have used our connections in Europe and elsewhere to help grow the sport abroad.” Ferrari became the president of GAMMA Sports in 2004, after starting with the company out of college in the 1990s. While his father was a “classic” tennis player, Ferrari is more of a pickleball player. “I’m more social, more gregarious, so I like the closer quarters of the pickleball court,” he said. “It’s not as oppositional as tennis. It’s a more communal sport, which fits with my personality.” In that vein, it’s not unusual to see GAMMA Sports sponsoring a whole host of programs and events in the pickleball world, from Rock N Roll Pickleball to the Pittsburgh Pickleball Classic for Parkinson’s, US Open and other national tournaments.  • FOR MORE INFORMATION ON GAMMA SPORTS, GO TO THE WEBSITE AT GAMMASPORTS.COM. EXPERT ADVICE CALL & SPEAK WITH KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF OVER 12,000 PRODUCT REVIEWS OVER 2,000 PRODUCTS IN STOCK – GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED THE PICKLEBALL SUPERSTORE 888-854-0163 GAMMA Sports Pickleball Ball Hopper NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 | MAGAZINE 79